1) What is SocialBooster.net?
SocialBooster.net is a social traffic exchange system and provides its members with target group oriented services in the field of social media marketing. The system is based on a virtual credit system and users can earn points by becoming a fan of, for example, various Fan pages, click on websites on the Google+ button, watch YouTube videos on Twitter or become the follower. These points can be used to start their own campaigns and we offer a wide range to promote its website and social profiles effectively.
2) Free Membership
The membership on our website and will remain free. There are guaranteed no hidden costs. On a voluntary basis, a deposit be made in order to acquire points to get a VIP membership or banner advertising.
3) How can I recruit members?
Please make use of their personal advertising link to gain affiliate. Help us by promoting our banner as well.
4) Is the website secure?
We do not require passwords to your Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts and co. You must create an account just for us, but this is only a valid email address required no further personal information. Your email address will not be shared.
5) Is this legal?
This site does not violate any terms of use. Are suggested sites you might like. In these pages, you can then click on "I like" button. Pages you do not like, you do not need to click.
6) How do I Start?
Step 1: Enter your page go to "Add Page"
Step 2: Earn points by enabling likes and follows to the Pages / videos from other members.
7) Submit a Site
Step 1: Select the drop down menu from which you want to promote.
Step 2: Record the URL of your page or a video. Please do not use special characters
Step 3: Add some thing simple and short.
Step 4: Choose from how many points you give another member to be like like to: (1 to 10).
Step 5: Choose the Gender of what you get from Likes / clicks want.
Step 6: Select the country from which you obtained from Likes / clicks want.
8) Earn points
You can earn points for this for your own pages for promotion to use.

Step 1: decide which one social network earn points you pick from.
Step 2: make sure you're already logged in to the selected network!
Step 3: Click the "Like", "Follow" or "View" button.
9) Daily Bonus
Active members can get a points bonus daily. For more information about the daily bonus can be found under "Daily Bonus". Register and login now.